H. Spek has been an independent office architect for about 35 years. During this period he has seen the market situation and technology change. A change that involved a different approach and implementation of projects. For this reason, it was decided to form a new organization in 2010. This new organization consists of:

– HSR Structure bv, of which H. Spek is the owner/director
– CSO in Design & Structure pvt ltd.
This is a subsidiary of HSR Structure bv and is located in Gurugram in India and acts as an operating company for the projects of HSR Structure bv. This office comprises 45 people consisting of architects, engineers and draftsmen and are familiar with Western construction technology.

The aforementioned agencies partly work for the Dutch market, but an important field of activity is located outside the Netherlands, namely Germany, South America and India.


Depending on the project, a partnership can be entered into with:

– Print Landman architects in The Hague
This agency is specialized in the field of building for healthcare

– Sweegers and de Bruijn in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
This office is specialized in the field of indoor climate and technical installations.

For more information about the possibilities such a collaboration can offer, see www.hps-ae.com